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How It Is Made-Metal Fabrication Process

How It Is Made-Metal Fabrication Process

Best Metal Fabrication Amada press brake

Best Metal Fabrication offer a range of sheet metal services, allowing customers to fulfil all their requirements with one supplier. Creating bespoke metal work products is interesting and diverse. If you have ever seen a metal fabricated product and wondered how it is made here is the stages and processes from design to delivery.


The design phase of sheet metal fabrication involves collaboration between the client and the design engineer. This will allow the design engineer to establish the clients specific requirements and the best process of manufacturing. With Best Metal Fabrication customers can come with a fully specified, thorough design and plan or just a basic concept. We use CAD design software and 3D modelling to generate precise designs for the clients approval. From this we can make any required adjustments and document the design process.


Prototyping is a great tool for testing designs before using them in production. Some clients may need to go through a trial and error process to ensure the design is suitable. When required, we can deliver quick turn around times and make up high quality prototypes for testing.

Folding and Cutting

Metal folding and cutting is just as it sounds. It is using equipment and technologies to cut through the metal or bend/fold with precision to create the desired shape or design.

At Best Metal Fabrication we invested in a hydraulic Amada Press Brake which has provided higher levels of quality, faster turnaround and a continually expanding range of fabrication capabilities.


Welding in metal fabrication can be either manual or robotic and is the process of applying extreme heat to fuse two metals together. We have skilled and experienced welders that can offer various types of manual welding techniques including MIG and TIG.

Finished Products

Assembly to create the final product can be just a simple weld or a more complex construction with additional elements. Due to the nature of metal fabrication and the variety of jobs, the final products can be anything from small, bespoke cookie cutters to larger pieces such as furniture and food processing equipment.

Best Metal Fabrication can offer delivery or onsite installation where needed.


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