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Hygienic Fabrication for the Food Industry

Hygienic Fabrication for the Food Industry

hygienic fabrication

Hygienic fabrication requires highly skilled metalworkers to ensure each piece meets the required standard. Fabrication for the food or pharmaceutical industry is more complex and time consuming compared to components that do not have to meet certain specifications. Best Metal specialise in food industry fabrication and other hygienic sectors. Our experienced fabricators are skilled in stainless steel sheet metalwork and welding.

We have years of practical and diverse experience in a range of hygienic industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and diary. Our facility, equipment and skilled fabricators allows us to produce a wide variety of metalwork. Typical Applications include:

  • hoppers
  • chutes
  • conveyors
  • trolleys
  • drain tables
  • pipework
  • sinks
  • tanks

All products are designed to ensure they:

  1. are easy to clean
  2. meet required hygienic standards
  3. bespoke and meet the customers specifications

Details of food grade stainless steel


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