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Perspex Screens to Reduce the Spread of COVID19

Perspex Screens to Reduce the Spread of COVID19

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The roadmap out of lockdown has been laid out and it is time to start getting back to ‘normal’. With easing of restrictions we can now get back to some of our favourite pass times. Restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, retail spaces, places of worship and fitness studios have already re-opened or will be opening soon. Measures will be put in place to keep everyone safe and Perspex screens can be one of the ways to reduce the spread of COVID19.

Perspex screens can help reduce the spread of COVID19 in a variety of environments and should be used in areas where face-to-face interactions occur indoors. Maintaining the two metre social distance may not always be possible in all situations and the screens are good at reducing anxieties and concerns when this is the case. They can be used in work spaces to separate work stations or to allow group meetings to occur. They can be useful in a hospitality setting to separate tables or at counters. These are just a couple of examples but Perspex screens will be beneficial for most public places and spaces.


  • easy to clean/hygienic
  • lightweight
  • mobile
  • versatile
  • custom sizes available

Perspex screens act as a barrier protecting against the airborne droplets which cause the spread of the virus. With some people not displaying symptoms, these are beneficial for those who may not know they are infectious. The Scottish Government website gives detailed information for each sector on how to best keep customers and employees safe on their return. To find out more information on the governments website, use the below link.

Perspex Screens- Customer Case Study

The above photos show the use of made to order screens that where fabricated for a local church. Religious services and meeting are now allowed to take place indoors with restrictions. The screens are used to allow those speaking or singing in front of the congregation to do so safely.


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