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hygienic fabrication

Hygienic Fabrication for the Food Industry

Hygienic fabrication requires highly skilled metalworkers to ensure each piece meets the required standard. Fabrication for the food or pharmaceutical industry is more complex and time consuming compared to components that do not have to meet certain specifications. Best Metal specialise in food industry fabrication and other hygienic sectors. Our experienced fabricators are skilled in…
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Best Metal Fabrication Amada press brake

How It Is Made-Metal Fabrication Process

Best Metal Fabrication offer a range of sheet metal services, allowing customers to fulfil all their requirements with one supplier. Creating bespoke metal work products is interesting and diverse. If you have ever seen a metal fabricated product and wondered how it is made here is the stages and processes from design to delivery. Design…
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Splashbacks and Worktops for Commercial Kitchens

A recent client in the hospitality sector required commercial kitchen splashbacks and worktops. They will be welcoming customer’s back into their Café on 28th April. Post Pandemic Preparations Businesses across Scotland are now reopening as lockdown restrictions ease. Many businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector that were forced to remain closed are now able…
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protective screens

Perspex Screens to Reduce the Spread of COVID19

The roadmap out of lockdown has been laid out and it is time to start getting back to ‘normal’. With easing of restrictions we can now get back to some of our favourite pass times. Restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, retail spaces, places of worship and fitness studios have already re-opened or will be opening soon. Measures…
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grades of stainless steel

What is the Best Grade of Stainless Steel for the Food Industry?

Materials used to create equipment and machinery for the food and catering industry must meet strict hygiene standards. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and is easy to clean and maintain making it the most obvious choice for these sectors. So, what is the best grade of stainless steel for the food industry? 316 Stainless Steel…
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Hygienic Stainless Steel Furniture and Equipment

Although our portfolio of work is not limited to hygienic stainless steel furniture and equipment, a large proportion of the work we design and produce is for the food/beverage manufacturing or pharmaceutical industries. These industries require products with a certain level of sanitation and hygienic materials. We are able to design bespoke furniture and equipment…
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Top 5 Reasons to Use Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication is used to create a variety of products in an array of industries and environments. Some are large and industrial products while others may be small and intricate. Metalwork can be used to create one off, bespoke pieces or batch orders. In any circumstance there will be mass produced, ‘off the shelf’ products…
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Food Grade Conveyor Systems

We have fabricated a variety of conveyors for clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the above images you can see two units manufactured as part of BestPump’s ‘BlockBuster’ machine. They are both food grade conveyor systems used to transport 25kg butter blocks into a ‘BlockBuster’ screw feeder and pump system. The conveyors can…
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Stainless Steel Trolleys

It is always exciting when a customer comes to us with a vision. A rough sketch with dimensions is enough for us to work off of to design and fabricate whatever it is you desire (within reason obviously, anything metal really). In this case it was three stainless steel portable trolleys. We received an enquiry…
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Made To Order Steel Doors

Best Metal Fabrication have provided made to order steel doors for customers in a variety of sectors. Metal, in particular stainless steel, doors are well suited to certain environments. In general they are more advantageous than wooden doors. Here is some benefits to using metal doors compared to wooden: They offer extra strength, security, durability,…
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