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Stainless Steel Trolleys

Stainless Steel Trolleys

It is always exciting when a customer comes to us with a vision. A rough sketch with dimensions is enough for us to work off of to design and fabricate whatever it is you desire (within reason obviously, anything metal really). In this case it was three stainless steel portable trolleys.

We received an enquiry from a customer looking for bespoke stainless steel trolleys. The customer provided a rough sketch with required dimensions. From this sketch and dimensions, we were able to make the above 3D model using CAD software. This was sent to the customer for final approval before production began.

The CAD software is useful in the engineering and design process. We use this to take a sketch and put together all the details to see a 3D model. This allows the customer to see a 360 degree view of what the product will look like once fabricated.

For more information and history of the CAD process click here.

The finished product is shown above. These trolleys were made with stainless steel and swivel top plate castors with front brakes. This allows the trolley’s to be easily transported or be held steady in place when the brakes are on. The trolleys were made at specific heights as they were to fit under shelving which we can accommodate to suit the customers requirements.

The below video shows the process from start to finish by taking the customers concept, using CAD for the design process and fabricating the finishing product. To fill out an enquiry form and give us some details of your concept, visit our contact page here.


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