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Food Grade Conveyor Systems

Food Grade Conveyor Systems

We have fabricated a variety of conveyors for clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the above images you can see two units manufactured as part of BestPump’s ‘BlockBuster’ machine. They are both food grade conveyor systems used to transport 25kg butter blocks into a ‘BlockBuster’ screw feeder and pump system.

The conveyors can be manufactured to suit specific requirements. The length and height of each conveyor can be altered depending on the customers needs and factory layout. Material choices will be dependent on what the conveyor system will be used for. For example food, beverage, pharmaceutical or packaging.

Stainless steel materials were used for the two food grade conveyor systems. This is due to the hygienic properties of stainless steel. Materials used for the belt of these conveyors were also food grade and easy to clean.

The below informational video indicates some of the reasons conveyor systems are useful in the production process no matter how large or small that process may be.


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