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Welding Repairs

Welding Repairs

welding repair services

You would be surprised by the amount of every day items that rely on welding to be created. For example: pipelines, office buildings and vehicles. Which would explain why welding repairs can be crucial to the running of business.

Best Metal Fabrication can offer timely and efficient welding repairs either on site or in our workshop. Our aim is to provide superior customer service that exceeds your lead time expectations.

We can offer various types of welding techniques including MIG and TIG. To find out more about the differences between types of weld click here.

Customer Case Study

One example of a recent welding repair we completed is the above heating battery. This is used in the maternity ward in a NHS Lothian hospital. The battery was leaking and so needed repaired and pressure tested. We were able to collect, repair, test and return the battery to the hospital in just over 24 hours. Efficient welding repairs service!


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