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Made To Order Steel Doors

Made To Order Steel Doors

Best Metal Fabrication have provided made to order steel doors for customers in a variety of sectors. Metal, in particular stainless steel, doors are well suited to certain environments. In general they are more advantageous than wooden doors.

Here is some benefits to using metal doors compared to wooden:

  • They offer extra strength, security, durability, and extended fire protection.
  • Stainless steel can be used in certain industries that require high levels of hygiene. This could be food preparation, pharmaceutical and health care environments. The doors are much easier to clean and maintain.
  • More beneficial in any industry where risk of erosion is high. This is because stainless steel can handle more adverse conditions than wood.

When made to order, like in the above images, they can be fabricated to fit the required width and height. They can be single or double, latched or unlatched doors to suit what is required.

Custom Design Steel Doors

The above unique design was created inline with the customers sketch and ideas. This was to fit two large double panel metal doors. These were installed by our team at the entrance to a religious building. The steel doors are fabricated to meet the customers specifications both dimensionally and in design.


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