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A Food Processing Solution- Customer Case Study

A Food Processing Solution- Customer Case Study

Take a look below at a recent food processing solution we designed and manufactured. It was implemented into a local potato factories production line. This was created to remove waste/scraps in a effective, efficient manner.

Our long standing customer in the potato manufacturing industry required a solution to process waste peelings. They were looking to move them to the back of the building to be disposed of accordingly. Being in the food industry, a hygienic solution was required and so stainless steel was used as it has the appropriate properties for this environment.

Along with BestPump Ltd we created the below food processing solution. The stainless steel inlet fed hopper¬†is placed underneath the waste peeling deposit. This will then filter through the grate and down the chute towards the attached pump- selected and provided by BestPump Ltd. The pump will push the material into the pipework and off the it’s end destination. Simple but effective.

One of the key sectors we serve as a company is Food and Beverage manufacturing. We can design and manufacture food processing solutions that are hygienic and made to suit the customers specific challenges and requirements. For any enquiries email or visit our enquiry form page by following the link here.


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